4 Reasons Why Wilder Whiskey is Better Than Other Hard Seltzers

4 Reasons Why Wilder Whiskey is Better Than Other Hard Seltzers

Wilder Whiskey hard seltzers are made with 100% American whiskey and combine the best of both worlds - great taste and fewer calories. Unlike other hard seltzers, Wilder Whiskey doesn't rely on artificial flavors and sweeteners. We believe that real ingredients make for a better-tasting product, and our customers seem to agree! Here's why Wilder Whiskey is better than other hard seltzers:

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American-Made Whiskey V. Malt

Wilder Whiskey is distilled and bottled in the USA, while other hard seltzers is produced in Canada. Buy American-made alcohol like a whiskey seltzer! Another one of the biggest differences other hard seltzers are made with is malt liquor vs whiskey. We wrote a piece all about why "Whiskey is Better Than Malt" As an American-made whiskey-forward option, you'll get clean and natural flavors all under 100 calories or less.

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Better Value

Although the prices are comparable, the real difference is in the value. Wilder Whiskey gives you a whiskey seltzer made with 100% American whiskey, for just $11. You won't find that kind of quality or value in any other hard seltzer. Many people avoid other hard seltzers because of the sugary taste, so pop open a Wilder Whiskey for natural ingredients and a great flavor! Buy a pack of your favorite flavor or grab a variety pack to get the most WILD!

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Great Taste

Wilder Whiskey has a richer flavor than other hard seltzers, which pairs well with seltzer flavors like peach, grapefruit, orange vanilla, and lemon-lime. Wilders can be used in cocktails or on their own to spice up your taste buds. The best part about this brand? You get all the benefits from alcohol without any hang-ups due to allergies or being vegan/vegetarian. This is because we're gluten-free and use natural flavors!

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A Real Drink

If you see someone drinking a can of hard seltzer, it looks like they're chugging soda or fruit juice. That's not what whiskey drinkers want when they're out with friends. Find a whiskey hard seltzer that makes you feel like you are on top of the world, by having whiskey in your hand, instead of fruity-flavored seltzer water.

Whether you’re an avid hard seltzer drinker or are looking for an innovative way to enjoy whiskey, Wilder Whiskey has what it takes to show you why Wilder Whiskey is better period. Not convinced? Taste one for yourself.

Taste One for Yourself!