4 Drinking Games to Play With Wilder Whiskey

4 Drinking Games to Play With Wilder Whiskey

Looking for a fun way to enjoy your Wilder Whiskey? Try one of these four drinking games! They're perfect for parties, get-togethers, or just hanging out with friends. So grab a bottle of whiskey seltzer and let the games begin! Keep reading to learn four drinking games to play with Wilder Whiskey.

Kings Cup

Kings Cup is a fun game to play for all occasions. With a unique Whiskey hard seltzer like Wilder Whiskey, you can bring even more excitement! Easily search and print what each card means to have as directions or have it ready on your phone. With all the cards in the deck placed in a circle around the can, you take turns drawing and performing each suggested action. Enjoy making memories with Kings Cup and Wilder Whiskey.

Flip Cup

Whiskey and seltzer make the perfect combination for a classic game of Flip Cup. Starting with the first few players chugging their WIlder Whiskey, you place your empty cup back on the edge of the table to flip completely upside down again. Once you’ve successfully “flipped” your cup, the next player goes. The fastest to finish, wins!

Screw Your Neighbor

Provide your friends with the crisp taste of Wilder Whiskey for a fun game of Screw Your Neighbor! This is a simple card game where the objective is not to end up with the lowest card. The dealer will start by dealing each player a card, who can then choose to pass or keep on their next turn. Once it reaches the dealer's turn, everyone turns their cards over revealing who has the lowest card and drinks!

Beeramid, with Whiskey

Beeramid uses 15 cards in a pyramid formation, starting with five at the base. The dealer starts by flipping the top card, looking for a player with the same value in their hand, (or at least one who pretends to), who can then tell you to drink. Depending upon where your card is in the pyramid, determines the amount of time you chug, then the accuser reveals their card. Take this game to the next level using the tasty flavors of Wilder Whiskey.

Whether you’re looking for a new whiskey and seltzer combination or fun drinking games to play with friends, Wilder Whiskey provides refreshing Whiskey seltzer. Try all four Wilder Whiskey flavors today!

Not convinced? Taste one for yourself.